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Affinity for all the strivings within the Contact/Cyclic/Polar Vector. "Pan-Tendencies

Szondi's number--C16=Infrequent in the general population. 
Affinity for all the strivings within the Contact/Cyclic/Polar Vector. (Pan-Tendencies)
Astounding! Mind-Set Event--The full rainbow of strivings--from both polar spectrums, Manic and Depressive existing as active, at one moment in time! Painful-confused.
Szondi seized on the loyal-disloyal attachment strivings within this setting for it's capsule heading. This is, of course correct. But to focus on that aspect may cause an interpretation of an inner crisis, or a grid lock effect, to be overlooked, futher the loading of any Vector with 8 to12 choices, suggests a major overloading in respect to all strivings that that vector plays in the individual's intrapsychic functions, and at the same time limits the choices possible across the the other three  Vectors. [*To be displayed later] (At least one sort of /attention deficit'  cause, we can demonstrate.) This double ambitendency was the least frequent setting in the Contact/Cyclic/Polar Vector, but 'pan-tendency' occurs with more frequency in the other Szondi Test Vectors.(not displayed here) It is unstable and transitional. It may occur more frquently than we know as the event has passed before our test samples can be taken.

The "Horizontal Splt" in the Contact/Cyclic/Polar Vector.

Better characterized as multi-object attachment preferendce inclined, they commonally offer beautiful rationalizations why their endless search for love or substitutions for whatever it means to them, and which should be accepted as the enlighned way to be, live and socialize. 

Loyalty to not only to the lost, denied forbidden love object but often a stubborn insistance to not change the situation no matter how little they apprear to get from life. While one cannot attribute psychological masocism to this Vector alone, this dual dislike affiity to both lower ends of the anal-sadistic core and the lower end of the  [d-] characteristically stickly loyalty on the incestious core makes a perfect re-enforcement for the outright sadistically tinged pain to self, pain to others, in various  equivant froms, such as scenarios that are unconsciously arrainged as to create or give suffering, rejection, or characteristically, the killing of joy, in most enjoyment events. Being stuck in the 'lower ends' of the dual specrums of, manic and depressive, is not a pleasurable event. One, in which, various forms of psychological masochism then serves to make life bareable.

The "Vertical Split" in the Contact/Cyclic/Polar Vector.
Here we see aspects suupporting Szondi's view of this Vector, also being more than a mood or cyclic aspect, but as something where the person's drives meet the 'real world' in a characteric way, as that person see's his world in his mind-set at the time. Here [d0][m+/-], the percieved world is as one stuck in an isolation from the useful parts of his [d] strivings and emotionally he lives in an endless battle between his [m+] and [m-], as the  [d0] has shifted it authority to both ends of the manic specrum. An unhappy and often self districtive, suicidal or aberational striking out at others or the world in gereral potentially exists. If mirror-like flips to [d+/-][m0] occurs, the possibility of psychosis should be considered.
Often attacment and control issues apppear as a cyclic occurance by pressure from the [m-] strivings, part of the  anal-sadistic core (in Dr. Butler's view.)

[d+/-][m0] is similar in the unhappyness aspect but the result is arrises due a strong shift of authority of the manic   srivings side to the depressin spectrum of of polarity with its inclination to oscillate between hunger for love objects oe symbols of such [d+] and the old incestious model that cannot for long reallly serve as a replactment. The result is the person feels at a phobic/anxiety level a fear of losing attachment and/or control of his love objects, his material goods, and even his life itself. The cycling within depression striving poles, because the  lack of an adequate counterbalace, may drive those suffering this setting to seek help, usually after many experiments in self medicate, with alcohol, drugs, reckless behavous or in some cases, to follow criminal careers seizing, or exploiting other peoples valued objects.  
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The Uni-Tendencies in the the Szondi Test.

 In an Interpretation the term "Mature" in connection
with [d0][m+] is to  be understood as meaning one. who has an affinity or preference to the 'oral type', food, drinking, talking and seeks love object attachments
satisfiing these strivings as a 'need'. This generally is a positive social adjustment in type, wither or not any
such  person is 'mature' in other aspects of his life.
Further, findings stay unchanging over time or over-loaded [m+!]=4 [m=!!]=5 or extreme all 6 [m+!!!]choices. Then this aspect of the person's personality can still be a problem  in her life, deserving attention, when any sort of psychological help work or therapy is being considered.

In Szondi's general population studies, this  choice  affinity [d0][m-!] occurred with slighly less frequency than the the 'mature' [d0][m+], which suggests within the greater gene pool there exists a large number of
individuals (men outnumbering women, but even more troublesome when persistent in a woman, where it may also appear as a 'wrong gender issue'.) Characteristially these individuals adjust to and follow the same oral based socializations as others do, sometimes with a more forced driving of themselves to try tp derive the pleasures that others seem to get without appearing to work hard to recieve.  In a persistent affinity to [d0][m-] and if in over-load, the strivings belonging to the [m-] (lower part of the anal-sadistic core, [d+][m-] affinity), may take over as "revolt" agaist the life lacking pleasure or authentic satisfactions, while many live their entire lives wth out serious issues and are able to channel the hypomanic energy into useful activites, a number do not. Pessimism and a potential for suicidal thougts as well a self-harm occurs in some, but not all.

Here the affinity is that which belongs to the [d-] part of the [d-][+] incestour core, as if, no longer optimistic about ever finding a replacement object (no [m+]) he/she pick apart everything around them and at the same time not willing to let any part go, picky, miserly, stubborn but loyal, with occasional reckless or over generous moments. One see's here a tenacity, that reminds us what Freud, called the incest complex, much like the herd instinct of amimals, that holds families and society together.

 The SZ Uni-tendencies are useful to serve as explamples of what a per's is revealing about himself from his like or dislike of particular facial photoes of the eight psychiatric conditions Dr. Szondi used for both his test and the psychological concepts he derived from these reactions. In a later  delelopments he created a extensions to the method to measure a person's psychological gender aspects, called the Dur/Moll analysis prodedure.
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The four Tri-Tendencies in the Contact/Cyclic/Polar/ Vector

 The four settings that are-- "Tri-Tendencies" in the Contact/Cyclic/Polar/Vector have a recognizable influence that deserves close attention. 
While here appears various; sexual issues, abuse, cheating, relationship and mood issues/symptoms, one needs to keep in mind that interpretations just from this end of a person's Szondi Test profile can be misleading.
Understanidly all intra-personality functions affect each other. However the, Sexual/Gender Vector, stands the one most intimately bound with the Contact/Cyclic/Polar Vector.
On the Szondi Profile Grid the left most one is the Sexual 'S' and the right most one as 'C'. With a middle placement of Paroxymal/Emotional 'P' and Ego as 'SCH' where SCH is a reference to schizophrene inheritance. Importantly this 
middle 'P' and 'SCH' Vectors act to moderate and censor both the Sexual and the Contact drives, every human has, varying only in proportion as to ultimately influence the way person the way s/he thinks, feels and acts within the path way permitted by his early conditioning and existing social pressures. Of clinical importance are the non-adjusted or symptomatic casations, where inappropreate or exaggerated strivings, cause perils to the individual, his relationships, or long term to end in an undesirable or dangerous form of existance. 

C8= A mid-frequency occurrence in the general population.

 For the average adjusted person, a less troublesome setting than diagnonal split =[d-][m+] or the uni-tendencies. 

*Core = [d-][m+]=incestous/maternal like/oral socialized.
*Like Affinity= [m+]=preference for oral socializations. 
*Dislike Affinity=[d-][m-]=loyal, stubborn, pessimism, suicidal thinking.revolt under some pressures
*Avoided prong=if inversion asserts, depression, lonelyness, sadistic or harsh moments. 
C 12 = infrequent in general population.

*Core =Analsadist raw core at times active.
*Like Affinity= [d+][m+] readiness to shift to oral socialized   potently the muti-objective desires of [d+][m+]
*Dislike Affinity.[m-]-resignation, revolt, suicidal thoughs.
*Avoided prong:  [d-] Potential inversions, as attempts at lofty, conservative behaviors. Usually stress, drug or hormonal triggered.
C14= infrequent in general population.

*Core =[d-][m+] Incestouos type oral socialization preferred,
*Like Affinity; {d+}[m+] Multi-Object seeking, and strong oral socialization user.{d+!}
*Dislike Affinity; [d-] anal stingyness, picky, conservative
*Avoided prong: Abcent lower part of the harsh anal-sadistic inclinations may suddenly switch to, when under stress pressure, alcohol, drugs or hormonal shifts,

 C15=infrequent in general population.

Prong reading--
*Core =Anal-Sadistic: [d+][m-]
*Like Affinity [d+]= depression, object search.
+Dislike Affinity [d-]= loyalty/hidden incestous desires
*Avoided prong=[m+]=missing optimistic/oral socialization,
may invert to uni-tendency [m+], under overload, alcohol, drugs, hormonal changes.

The other 'Splits' in the Szondi Test: Contact/Cyclic/Polar Vector
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