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Fate Analysis answers (descriptively) the issues of human behaviors, from a different perspective

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I can answer most your questions on the Szondi Test and the drive psychology developed by Professor Szondi and its ultimate decribing of the forms of exisance as the fates of humans which filled out his concept of his work being "Fate Analysis."
 Am I normal?--here are many 'Normals' --and mot abnorms are examples of sonething normal existing in an exagerarged or overly presistant form.
I have tender feelings for some of my same sex friends--Am I queer?
My boyfiend is bipolar and sometimes mean to me--can he change?
I've been diagnosed with ADD--does it show up in the Szondi Test?
 Dr. Szondi called the Szondi Test, developed psychological teachings, "Fate Analysis" --As the outcome of your drives, he believed, determines your choices in love mates, friendships, occupation, certain illnesses, and ultimately, the form of existence, you will end up living.
I know it's stupid and not right--and I wish it was otherwise--but I hate my mother--How did I get that way? Did she ot I cause this disconnect?

Use comments to post a question on your issues and they will be answered as best I can from a fateanaytic perspective, which may or may not have any scientific support, but a least might be a different way of looking at things.

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Be sure and check "pages" in the right sidebar as that is where the\Contact/Cyclic Vector--Basis of all elements, called "Bipolar" is unfolding at about a section a day, in first draft and 4-30-2012  mostly finished, cleaning up some ambiguities etc--before a study of the Sexual/Gender Vector is attempted in similar detail. -Dr. Butler

2011 A study of Ego  unfolding was posted. It followed the development of the Szondi Test detectable changes, related to Ego. developent from infancy through chldhood to adult stance. This following, for the most part the astute observations of Susan Deri, along with some of my own later developed views.
The Sexual/Gender and other Szondi Vectors have not really been renamed, or changed, but filled in to make clear what is the focus of each study segment relates to.
--Dr. B
"As filtered out by the Szondi Test; the
personality consists of four gene ancestor
four Vectors of influences, hard wired in the
brain and which serve as foundation for a person's
preferred choice making throughout his life,
his mate, friendships, occupation and
and untimely his dealing methods for
coping with life, his froms of existence.
Dr. Szondi called this at first. the individual's language of choice. A perhaps primative "pre-language" rooted in ancestors eons past.
The four heredity set Vectors; each with various settings which are also modeds of representing  unique functions of the personality.

1] Sexual/Gender "S" [h][s]
2] Paroxysmal/Emotional "P" [e][hy]
3] Ego/Self Direction/Participation "SCH" [k][p]
4] Contact/Cyclic/Polar "C" [d][m]
Each of the four above "Vectors" has within, two naturally opposed primitive gene passed cores that are essential to every humans passage to adult stance. 

It was the insight of Hungarian psychiatrist, Leopold Szondi, that these core elements when existing in an exaggerated form,where also the same or basis to being, the psychiatric condition they resembled. He build at first, a gene ancestor theory derived form gemological studies showing the appearance of psychiatric and  various medical disorders as they showed up in various family heredity lines, as choice preferences recurring in a family line. A laborious reseach lasting over a decade. He longed for a better quicker way to detect these gene set affinities. Stangely, the idea of a projective test using facial photos of person with a family history and clinical diagnosis of the same key psychiatric conditions as the provolver of a like or dislike, he reported came to him a dream. After which he developed the Szondi Test, after first considering calling it, the "Genic Affinity Test".

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