Client's often have some concerns the first Szondi Test profile taken on line.:

Client's, often have some concerns the first Szondi Test prolifle, taken on line.:

Ok, so here's my first stab at this thing. I tried not to over think it but rather to go with my first gut reaction.
{That's the right way.}
Like--------- Dislike
Set #1= 1 3 ---2 4
Set #2= 2 7--- 4 7
Set #3= 2 7 ---1 3
Set #4 =3 7 --- 6 7
Set #5= 5  6 ---4 8
Set #6 1 4 ---2 5


Good performance--I sure you are not surprised when I tell you many fail to follow instructions--you are right on with it.]

I have no idea what to expect as far as results. Is this test going to show me that I'm totally deranged and probably need to be locked away? or that perhaps I am broken beyond repair and not worthy of your time anymore? 
[Imagination is great--]

[(wow!) That's your crappy mean super-ego thing speaking--any way others say similar things about the Rorschach and Thematic Apperception and even, the  interesting but flaky Tarot card readings. Some fears are universal.]

Well, I guess I'll have to just wait it out to see what comes of this.


I'll sit here at the computer, comptemplating my fate which is now entirely in your hands.

[(wow again) No, No  it's not like leaving your car at the garage to get fixed--it's more like you study how to fix it yourself--and by the time one part is fixed another problem may happen--your thoughts?]

[What I have to do now is put out physically the set of 48 photos in the same order you viewed them on my desk, flip the ones you selected over and copy the code in the back into the grid. Then convert the findings into term of what your drive needs seemed to be at the time you took the test, which is why two or three test samples a week is best, but just like when taking a person's blood pressure--the mind set pressures jump around and a sample taken just after being hit in the gut is going to be much different than one just before that trauma or issue came about. Other Interpretive information will be added intuitively as occasioned by the issue and even dreams going on.  There is no magic, only work, although one can gets lucky now and then. Fair enough?]

[Keep up the flow--I'll be back with what amounts to being your "drive pressure readings" a little later--I get to play with the cards now.]


It's so easy--six sets--2 you like most two you like the least from each set/

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