The Grid Basic to the Szondi Test.

The Grid Basic to the Szondi Test

/S/= Sexual/Gender Vector

/P/= Paroxymal/Emotional Vector Vector
/SCH/= Ego/Self
/C/= Contact/Cyclic/Polar Vector

It was Hungarian Psychiatrist, Leopold Szondi, unique insight that 
 every person's psyche is gene build  from four long term hereditary-biological developments, he choise to call "Vectors" In modern terms neurological-chemical hard wired in every human.
Further that each Vector was built from two closely related and intimately bound Factors.
(As modernized*)
= hermaphroditic erotic [h] and aggressive sadistic [s].

= Abel-like rightous and proper derived from epileptic inheritance, the Cain-like killer- as opposed to the exhibitionism/hysteric inheritance [hy] 
the Catonic's excessive introjection function [k] and the function for projection inherent in paranoia [p].
the more well know interaction of the cyclic mood disorders, manic [m] and depressive [d]. 

*Szondi Vector, names have been expended to fir in newer interpretive considerations. In Szondi's view, "Vectors" are also the four heredity spheres, each human carries in his nature.

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