Saturday, June 16, 2012

The 48 SZ Reagent Photos. in six compartments, each with the facial photos of the 8 psychiatric disorder patients, that Hungarian Professor and Psychiatrist, Dr. Leopold (Lipot) Szondi argued, were the universal inheritance of every human. Here in their-- faded blue box, "The Szondi Test" Copyright/Hans Huber/Bern-Swiss. Still in Production.

Further these selected reagent quality photos, are liked. disliked or avoided by people taking the test, very much as a projection of the psychiatric implulse mix unique to that person's personality, as it exists at the time of the test sample.
While it is obvious  Dr Szondi and his students took this serioualy, he nevertheless, referred to this mode of research as "The Experimental Diagnostics of Vicissitudes."
Each SZ Reagent photo has a code on the the back. that the test administrator has to transcible into a ingenious grid, where a subject's choices form a "Psychogram", that is then useful for interpretation by counselors, therapists and psychometrists.

  • The Szondi Profile Grid
  • Four SZ Vector or Heredity Spheres
  • Each Psychiatric Disorder is a "SZ FACTOR"
  • Each SZ Vector is built of  2 intimately related  gene antagonists.
  • The are order accross the grid on a what works best in the experimental work.
    • .{S}=Sexual/Gender= [h] erotic overcharged homosexuals [s] sadistic males.
    • {P}=Paroxymal/Emotional=[e](stance and inclinations from); [e] Epileptic  and [hy]  Hysteric inheritance.
    • {Sch} Stance and inclinations from Inheritance Catatonic/Introjective [k] and paranoid projective stance and inclinations [p].
    • {C} Contact/Cyclic/Bipolar; manic [m] and depressive their stance's and inclinations.