Saturday, June 29, 2013

Leopold Szondi's Theory of "Genic Affinity"

Hungarian psychiatrist, Leopold Szondi invention, "The Szondi Test" Dr. Szondi said; worked as a projective test, do to an innate principle that he believed everyone  has, that will  cause a person to like or dislike the facial features  photos of individuals suffering from eight specific mental disorder conditions used in his test set in the same proportions relevant to the photos, as if a mirror of the related drive impulses resembling somewhat that mental inheritance traits. Normal, then being a balanced mixture and abnormal are unbalanced mixtures of choices then might reflect a person had traits and impulses derived from that person's gene ancestry that then shape a persons preferential choices of sexual mate, friends, occupations, and over time that person's final trajectory in life, therefore in some terms a fate path. Szondi perhaps to attract notice, called this overall work and test use  "Fate Analysis".