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Szondi Test Study Group

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New content on the Szondi Ego/Self Vector is actively being prepared off line, look for it soon.  Thanks, Please come back.
The Next Szondi Vector to be explored being prepared off line is the Szondian Ego/Self Vector, which will suffer a good deal of modernization, from a new generation of Szondi Test Experimenters. Dr. Szondi called his test method 'experimental' and that the test results of thousands of profile samples and matching known clinical facts drove the various empirical attributions offered. While the making of any claim of being an exact science is difficult to support, the practical usefulness of this approach should be obvious to all whose interests involve the understanding of human nature and what the hidden aspects of it may be  that lie behind personality and certain behaviors. One needs to consider could it be correct, that everyone is as an unique mixture of eight lines of inheritance, that are also psychiatric conditions when existing in an exaggerated amount?

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--Dr. B

 July 15, 2012 New page on introduction to Dr. Szondi's Conception of the Ego as being represented as the articulation between Catatonia and Paranoia, (the two thought disoders unique to mankind), collectively coded, in the SZ grid as  the Schizophrenic Inheritance (Sch).