Sunday, April 4, 2010

Szondi - Life Magazine Interview.

Szondi believed there are eight
gene passed hereditary ancestor
lines that carry all the drives, strivings,
vicissitudes of human behavior and
that a person will like, dislike or
avoid images of these
ancestor types as a projection
of the relative strength of these
"drives", which shift as a person
changes his various inclinations.

(c) Life Magazine
He has the book open to the Test Manual
Charts of the Four Basic Vectors.
1] Sexual/Gender [h][s]
2] Paroxysmal/Cain-Abel [e][hy]
3] Sch / Ego [k][p]
4] Contact/Cyclic [d][m]

Durring a Life magazine interview in 1948 a pipe smoking Leopold Szondi in his Geneva Clinic, spreads out the 48 small pictures of the eight  psychiatric conditions that he believed made up the third pool of th unconscious. These he claimed, are eight basic inheritance lines that every person without exception has. Normal then, being just a balanced mixture of these.

He argued a person will like or dislike these photos as a mirror of that person's personality and mood. Which may change. Therefore a person needs to take the 'test' often. He sometimes took a profile just before each "Fate-Analytic" oriented therapy session.

His method of psychoanalysis used these assertins as a focus. This was supplemented by a genealogy study to reveal what the patient's ancestors; actual did and what symptoms these ancestors may have suffered and importantly; what choices they had made in marriage, love, friendship, and occupation. While the test gained considerable popularity  his method of treatment won few supporters.

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